The script - Pousadas de Portugal

The discovery of Portugal, the hotel pousada

Have you ever imagined to discover a country and staying in magnificent castles, fortresses of the Atlantic ocean, and the palaces of the fairy-tale? There seems to be a dream? It's a dream come true! But it's a dream that is realized through the Programs of the AGILPASSEAR! We propose that the circuits for the Pousadas de Portugal, that will leave you dreaming for more!!! This is the script for the 3 -, 5 -, or 7-day, allowing you to get to know the north of Portugal, as well as hosting some of the most comfortable and appealing-and unique – Pousadas de Portugal, historic buildings, and especially selected, and they have been re-designed to provide comfort and convenience and decorated in modern while you are in the Uk.VER MAIS