Screenplay Literary Paths of Ferreira de Castro

This roadmap will be of particular interest to the brazilian public, country where the Writer achieved great success and consecration, especially due to the works, "The Jungle," and "Alma Lusitana". Brazil moreover, the success in countries such as Germany, France and Spain, where the Work of Ferreira de Castro has been translated and published, and where still today continue to be made re result of the great interest existing in and around the Works of the Writer

Roadmap Geopark of Arouca and the Convent of Sta. Mafalda

Roadmap Geopark of Arouca and the Convent of Sta. Mafalda: roadmap of a day (with the approximate duration of 8 hours) that includes a visit to the Geopark of Arouca, Bridges and the Paiva, and the Convent of Sta. Mafalda (the Monastery of Arouca).

A trip to the Medieval to 2019 - July 31 to August 11

A trip to the Medieval To 2019 - In the land of Sta. Mary There are 12 days in a row to go back to the past, the decalcar historical episodes to create the content, transforming the city in an intense stage of the most important moments in the History of the Uk.

The Script - The Douro Wine Region

The Alto Douro wine region was recognized by UNESCO in 2001 as a world Heritage site

The script - the Harbor at night and Fado

Guided tour of the nightlife in the city of Porto, with dinner at a local restaurant with fado show

Roadmap Coimbra Fatima

There are several possibilities of tourist itineraries to visit the main religious heritage of the north of Portugal, including a visit to the Port religious (the Cathedral, the church san Francisco church, Clerigos, museum of Sacred Art, the church of the Crickets, the church of Santa Clara, mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, among others) and Braga, the capital of the religious heritage of the north of Portugal, which includes also the visit to the National Park of Peneda-Gerês.