Roadmap - Valença do Minho and/or Roadmap - Santiago de Compostela

We headed into the Port for Spain due to the beautiful north coast of Portugal. Before crossing the border with Spain, we'll make a stop at the Fortress of Valença do Minho. Valença do Minho is a historic village in the North of Portugal, separated by the Spanish region of Galicia - the territory where the city of Santiago de Compostela - by the beautiful Minho River. Valencia was of the utmost importance in the course of the Middle Ages, on top of the Hill with a privileged view over the border line, numerous times besieged by neighbouring Spanish. The town is dominated by a two towered fortress with a double wall, of the SEVENTEENTH and EIGHTEENTH centuries, the style of the engineer and architect of the French military Vauban, and there are still traces of the walls earlier, which preserves a historic village, a heritage from the time of Burgos, with narrow streets, houses, restaurants and shops. Work today one of the most prestigious Pousadas de Portugal, the pousada de São Teotónio. We went to Santiago de Compostela, the destination of a path of immense pilgrimage that begins in France, covering all of the north of Spain. Discover the majesty of the ecclesiastical from the historic centre of Santiago de Compostela, and marvel at the great architecture of the Cathedral of Santiago, considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. The historic centre of the city is, in itself, a true “encyclopedia” in terms of historical, architectural and religious, considered to be one of the privileged destinations for cultural tourism, and considered one of the cities most emblematic of Europe.

Screenplay of the film-maker Manoel de Oliveira

This script has as public-target especially the markets where the filmmaker had great success, and where Manuel de Oliveira was distinguished with several international awards to cinema, including the Uk, USA and Brazil.

The script - the Harbor at night and Fado

Guided tour of the nightlife in the city of Porto, with dinner at a local restaurant with fado show

Vodafone - Paredes de Coura

Festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura is back on the Beach Taboão, Paredes de Coura, Portugal, 19-22 August, 2020

Htoel Moov Port Center

The centennial building with a refurbishment of the old cinema Águia D'ouro, has given way to a new hotel experience in the heart of the city, the Harbour, and close to the main tourist attractions of the city.

The Script - The Douro Wine Region

The Alto Douro wine region was recognized by UNESCO in 2001 as a world Heritage site