Screenplay of the film-maker Manoel de Oliveira

This script has as public-target especially the markets where the filmmaker had great success, and where Manuel de Oliveira was distinguished with several international awards to cinema, including the Uk, USA and Brazil.

It is a roadmap for one day (coma duration of approximately 8 hours) and consists of the following activities: visit to the residence of the filmmaker, the current headquarters of the association Sindika Dokolo; visit to the areas of the filming of the film "Aniki Bóbó" in the historic area of the city of Porto; visit to the Diana Bar, Póvoa de Varzim, the current municipal library (the old coffee gatherings where Manuel de Oliveira was a consistent presence); and a visit to the region of the Douro wine region, which served as the backdrop to many of the filming of the filmmaker.VER MAIS