The Light, Charming House

It is the result of a passion for the old Peter Augustus Smith, and debbie jones and their desire to create a space that is exclusive, unique and very special.A degree in Architecture and a Post-Graduate degree in Restoration and Rehabilitation, Ann, you and your team in the Architecture office SegmentoPonto4, and the company's Iznogud | Design Studio, are responsible for the work of the reintrepretação in the design and decoration of the houses, once typical of the region.Peter has a degree in Management of Human Resources, has left his practice years ago to devote himself body and soul to this new project to life, taking over the management and development of the space.Don't hesitate to pick up the challenge of reintrepretar the architecture is simple and old, with a large book value in a little corner of paradise for those looking to get away from the stress of day-to-day, in which all are welcome to attend!

Location: A Light, Charming House The Main Street, Nº78 Moimento2495-650, Fatima, Portugal In the world 39.621505, -8.677123VER MAIS