A trip to the Medieval to 2019 - July 31 to August 11

A trip to the Medieval To 2019 - In the land of Sta. Mary There are 12 days in a row to go back to the past, the decalcar historical episodes to create the content, transforming the city in an intense stage of the most important moments in the History of the Uk.

Context-A History 2019 In a time of great social and economic transformations in the western world and, as a result of the devastating Black death which occurred about two decades ago, rises to the throne in 1367, king Ferdinand, and the Beautiful, which is entitled the king of Portugal and the Algarve. Despite the changes, the monarch will receive a kingdom at peace, and a treasure for the rich, so that you may be able to feed her passions: hunting and fashion tastes, art and culture, a very refined, which was also adopted by the rest of the european aristocracy. After the death of king Peter of Castile and león, in the context of the crisis of succession in Portugal goes on a war with that kingdom, and at three distinct time periods. Ferdinand claims the throne of the castilian (Spanish), beginning with the wars of fernandinas, with the invasion of Galicia, where it was acclaimed king in several cities have been there many supporters. Being a monarch, shifting some of the decisions of their government in times of peace, has been outstanding, giving rise to a political project, an innovative you are going to share it with the queen D. Leonor Teles. He took on the construction of the walls of the great buildings in the various towns and cities, to enact the Law of the land grants created in the Torre do Tombo, Home of the short Stories, and founded the Company of the Ships were destroyed, and adapting accordingly, for the administration of the royal needs of the times. By about 1379, there is a reference to an episode of the attempted assassination of king Ferdinand, in which he will be given the venom to kill it. The consequences of this act that have left you with serious health problems, leading to a change in governance by promoting a more active participation in the decisions and actions of the kingdom by the queen D. Leonor Teles, “the ill-beloved” by the people. Fernando has been weakening, slowly, slowly, until his death, which occurred in the year of 1383. VER MAIS