The ÁgilPassear project emerges from the enormous desire to internationally divulge the cultural, religious and historical richness of the Greater Porto and the North of Portugal, with special focus on the Geopark of Arouca, the Convent of Santa Mafalda and two great personalities of the northern region, the writer Ferreira de Castro and filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira.

ÁgilPassear provides unforgettable trips through History in a series of itineraries designed especially for an authentic, unique and memorable experience.

At ÁgilPassear we want you to experience each place, every space and every step in a special way. We take care that you truly plunge yourself in the history and culture of Greater Porto and Northern Portugal.

From the geological heritage sites, consecrated by UNESCO, to the brilliant Manoel de Oliveira, the only director in the world who watched the transition from mute to sound and from black and white to colour cinema, with visits to several other historical landmarks of this region, in ÁgilPassear we offer a wide range of diversified choices so that you can breathe and be inspired by our rich air and immense history.

Roteiros Culturais e Religiosos do Porto e Norte de Portugal, in English Cultural and Religious Routes of Oporto and Northern Portugal, is the brand chosen by ÁgilPassear to give shape to this distinctive offer in the tourism area.


The AgílPassear project was born out of the strong desire to internationally publicise the cultural and religious richness of Oporto and Northern Portugal, with special focus on the Arouca Geopark and the Santa Mafalda Convent.

AgílPassear thought, designed and developed a brand, Roteiros Culturais e Religiosos do Porto e Norte de Portugal, to enter a market which is still expanding in the tourism area.


Transporting our clients to the amazing world of history and the arts, for the journey of a lifetime and that all of them complete it with a sense of accomplishment and a smile on their face.


ÁgilPassear eyes the international tourist promotion of Arouca, Porto, the region of Between Douro and Vouga, from a cultural, religious and historical perspective.

Walk through the Geopark of Arouca, Geological Heritage of Humanity, that spreads over 40 geosites, standing out the Giant Trilobites of Canelas, the Trace Fossils of the Paiva Valley and the Parideira Stones of Castanheira.

To show the Arouca Monastery, National Monument, also known as the Convent of Santa Mafalda, whose first construction dates to the 10th century,taking a visit through the beautiful church, the imposing cloisters and in particular the extraordinary Museum of Sacred Art, one of the most famous of the Iberian Peninsula, where you can find very rare pieces of sculpture, painting, tapestry, jewellery, furniture and liturgical manuscripts.

To deepen the knowledge about Ferreira de Castro, author of "The Jungle", among several other reputed titles, a book that saw UNESCO state in 1973 to be one of the 10 most read novels in the world, a proposed Nobel Prize for Literature in 1951 and 1968, his life and work, from the boyhood job in the Brazilian Amazon up to his full affirmation as a writer; the house where he was born, loaded with symbolism and invaluable works, and the library he ordered to build and organised himself.

To share the story of the most important director of Portuguese cinema, the centennial Manoel de Oliveira, the only one in the world to film after being 100 years old and to see the movie industry go from mute to sound and from black and white to colour! From the banks of the Douro in Ribeira of Porto to the worldwide consecration!

To keep up with the worldwide demand for activities in the cultural and religious tourism area with the offer of attractive and differentiated itineraries that correspond to this desire, accompanied by a set of other complementary and totally customisable services, so that you can build your own ideal package.

Roteiros Culturais e Religiosos do Porto e Norte de Portugal, in English Cultural and Religious Routes of Oporto and Northern Portugal, is the ÁgilPassear brand that comes to revolutionise the tourist market and to affirm itself as the first choice for all who seek this Portuguese region as a destination.


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