Screenplay Literary Paths of Ferreira de Castro

This roadmap will be of particular interest to the brazilian public, country where the Writer achieved great success and consecration, especially due to the works, "The Jungle," and "Alma Lusitana". Brazil moreover, the success in countries such as Germany, France and Spain, where the Work of Ferreira de Castro has been translated and published, and where still today continue to be made re result of the great interest existing in and around the Works of the Writer

It will be a trip of a day (approx. 8 hours), which includes the visit to the Casa-Museu Ferreira de Castro, Library of Ossela, ordered to be built by the Writer and where is the bookstore staff of Ferreira de Castro, in an estate of more than 6 thousand volumes, and the places most striking of his course of life and backgrounds. VER MAIS